Negotiation itself is always a demanding task even between parties from the same country. The issue complicates even more when there is a need to reach cross-cultural agreement. There are several barriers that might come in the way of foreign company negotiations with Polish counterpart.


Negotiation obstacles in Poland

  • language barrier,
  • cultural differences,
  • lack of trust and suspiciousness towards foreigners,
  • communication problems,
  • time and money consuming long-lasting negotiations.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned difficulties we support our clients in any negotiation process they are involved with in Poland. There are many positive aspects of having a local representative during negotiations in Poland.


Advantages for our clients

  • lack of language barrier,
  • We speak the same language as the client and as its business partner in negotiations.


  • no cultural differences,
  • Since we have in our team internationally experienced people we are a bridge between our clients and their Polish business partners (suppliers, buyers, distributors, etc.).


  • full advisory and consultation for the client,
  • Not only do we represent the client in the negotiation process but we also advise on the topic of negotiations and suggest solutions to possible problems and predict difficulties.


  • greater bargaining power,
  • Many times it is easier to conduct negotiations through a representative. He can always use an excuse of not having the authority to agree on certain issues.


  • no communication problems,
  • We are located in the same time zone and it is easy to stay in touch with another party.


  • costs saving,
  • There are lower travel costs for a representative to attend meetings within Poland than for a client to travel multiple times from abroad.


  • time saving,
  • The amount of time the client must devote to the negotiation process is reduced to minimum.


  • possibility for a client to stay anonymous if necessary.
  • Certain conditions may cause a need for a client to stay anonymous to the negotiation party, whether for better bargaining or other reasons.

PZC supports its clients in all forms of cross culture exchange of business information: consultation, communication, discussion, exchange views, reaching a consensus, and formal negotiations. If you are interested in this service please feel free to contact us.

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