PZC is the first consulting firm that specializes only in assisting foreign companies and individual businessmen with their business in Poland.

Commercial Representation


Poland Zalewski Consulting is operating as a representative of foreign companies and individual businessmen in Poland. The Company participated in...


Company Formation


PZC offers full service assistance on Polish companies formation and registration. We help our Clients with every detail connected with establishing...


Investment in Poland


We help our clients with all the issues connected with their investments in Poland. We offer foreign investments in Poland organization and...


PZC – Business Consulting in Poland

We warmly welcome to our website everybody who is interested in doing business in Poland and those already doing it. Our company specializes in helping foreign private investors or foreign companies with their business in our country. We are a perfectly balanced team of business professionals able to serve our Clients with expert knowledge of Polish economic reality and great experience in doing business in Poland. We offer a wide range of consulting services for those who have any stake in Poland.


We deal with various issues: foreign direct investments, property investment, company formation, accounting, M&A, representation of foreign companies in Poland, contract and trade terms negotiations, general assistance for those entering Polish market, outsourcing, legal advisory and taxation optimization as well as other issues connected with business consulting in Poland. We also do general business research and business plan assessment in terms of Polish economic reality. We even assist those who want or due to financial condition are forced to close their business in Poland with company liquidation and bankruptcy law – we helped some clients safely withdraw their presence from Poland.


We are happy to offer our knowledge and experience in Poland for client operations of all types and sizes.



PZC video campaign

While most companies reduced their advertising budgets during the global economic crisis, others saw the crisis as an opportunity and increased their promotional activities. Poland Zalewski Consulting has taken another step forward and has centered its new “Invest in Poland” video on the crisis itself.



Consulting services

  Ready Made Shelf Companies

Do you want to start your business in Poland fast? Just pick one of our shelf companies currently available “on-stock” and start business same day.

  Company Formation

Do you need your own Polish company? We will register a tailor made company, adjusted to your needs.

  Corporate Secretarial Services

Are you looking for a service that provides maintenance of your company’s corporate documentation and appropriate reporting to numerous Polish authorities?

  Accounting and Bookkeeping

Are you looking for a professional accountancy and bookkeeping service for your company in Poland?

  Banking Relationships

Do you need help with choosing a bank in Poland or maybe you need us to negotiate the terms of service with a bank on your behalf? We help you select the best bank that suits your needs and open bank accounts for your company.

  Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you planning to enter the Polish market but you do not want to start from scratch? We can look for an acquisition target in Poland as well as assist you on the purchase transaction and further restructuring and maintenance of the business in Poland.


Do you need assistance with negotiations in Poland with domestic companies or authorities? Foreign companies and businessmen often require professional support due to language barrier, local specifics and legal complexities.

  Legal Advisory

Are you having problems with understanding and coping with the Polish legal burden? This area is problematic even for domestic entrepreneurs and Poland is infamous for its complexity of law and overregulation. We can guide you through it and provide solutions to make your business happen in Poland.

  Taxation Advisory

Do you need to optimize the amount of taxes paid in Poland? Or maybe you are planning a business and want to be sure how it is going to be taxed?

  Offshoring to Poland

Are you considering outsourcing some of your operations to Poland to take advantage of the Polish educated workforce and lower costs and taxes? We offer professional assistance to help you safely organise and establish your own subsidiary here in Poland.

  Investments in Poland

Are you planning to invest in Poland and need professional assistance in all the local issues? We will be more than happy to help you.

  Business Research

Do you generally want to do business in Poland but are not sure in what industry exactly? We can prepare specific business research for you and suggest solutions.

  Supply Chain

Do you want to locate a given part of your supply chain in Poland? We can do all the necessary research for you, suggest the solutions and support you in implementing changes.

  Business Feasibility in Poland

Are you already doing business internationally or in your country and want to check how the same formula would perform in the Polish market? We can prepare for you the feasibility study and review of your business plan in terms of its applicability to the local economic environment.

  Company Liquidation

Do you need assistance in the exit phase of your investment in Poland? Do you want to dispose the assets and liquidate your company? We can help you out.

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Filip Roger Zalewski
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Dorota Ostafińska
Poland Zalewski Consulting
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30-384 Cracow
Cracow office:

Bob Zalewski
Poland Zalewski Consulting
CFS Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zawiła 56
30-390 Cracow
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