Supply chain

There is a vast variety of supply chain models in the world. In the current time of globalization getting the right location is essential for the success of the business.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration while deciding on where to locate production processes in a given country:

Main factors

  • availability of qualified workforce,
  • labor costs,
  • tax and customs rates,
  • office and production space availability,
  • transportation possibilities,
  • proximity to target market,
  • government and local authority incentives.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of locating your business in Poland please check the „Why Poland?” section of our website.

On our client’s request we can design, organise and monitor its supply chain. Additionally we can take care of air freight, sea freight or land transportation. Moreover we deal with quality management or other value added services and customs clearance.


Scope of support

The scope of actions when organizing client’s supply chain in Poland are as follows

  • diligent analysis of client’s needs,
  • creative and rational planning,
  • responsible coordination,
  • constant performance monitoring.

After deciding to enter Poland our clients can benefit from many favorable conditions and opportunities that result from this location. Client’s benefits are mainly:

  • higher quality of a product and performance,
  • lower operating costs,
  • proximity to huge EU market,
  • lower investment expenditure.

If you consider Poland as a location for a given part of your supply chain we would be more than happy to analyze and present you the opportunities that result from choosing our country to be a part in your production process. After your positive decision we can supervise the business in Poland on your behalf according to your guidance and monitor its development providing you with instant reports, analysis and possible warnings. Please feel free to contact us with any query about those matters.