Taxation advisory

We have gained great experience and knowledge in the arena of tax law, in particular those issues connected with running a business even though none of our managing team are tax advisors.

Our experience in tax issues

This means that in the course of providing consulting services we can handle most issues likely to occur. Only in very complicated matters will there be a need to use the services of one of our cooperating professional Polish tax advisors. Often our knowledge and experience is enough to meet our client’s needs.

When we have any concerns or upon our client’s request we are able to select and engage a professional tax advisor so our client can have confidence that the case is handled by a lawyer who is a specialist in matters relating to the given tax.

Taxation in Poland

Although the tax rates in income taxes are attractive in comparison to other EU countries (for example corporate income tax – 19% flat rate), the Polish tax laws are very complex and difficult to interpret, even for the people who deal with them on a daily basis as accountants and the clerks at tax offices.

Comparing Polish tax laws with the laws of neighboring countries only in terms of their volume it is easy to notice that Polish law contains on average twice as many rules. Poland is one of the few countries to impose the obligation to use special cash registers with fiscal memory on traders, even for those with low sales turnover (currently the limit is more than about 5k euro per year). Furthermore in case of any breakdown of such equipment sale is prohibited.

Transfer pricing rules applied in other countries only to entities with large turnover are used in Poland for transactions exceeding the annual amount of EUR 30k (services) or 50k EUR in other cases, and so they are applicable to even the smallest companies.

Quality of Polish tax advice

The huge burden of regulation has caused a narrowing of specialization among tax advisors to the degree that not every one can (even if they might claim they do) manage the given issue.

Moreover on Polish market act many poorly experienced practitioners (not having government approval as licensed tax advisors) offering their “services” that can misguide foreign companies and individual businessmen. This might cause great damage to the business in long term.

Advantages for our clients

Taking into consideration the complexity of the law and the presence of many poorly qualified practitioners it is essential for the clients to have all their tax issues directed and supervised by a professional consulting firm with familiarity of Polish reality and able to find and cooperate with reliable authorized tax advisors across a diversity of fields.

Usually we cooperate with tax advisors from Cracow and Warsaw but we can provide advisory services in smaller cities and towns in the provinces. If you have any problem which requires Polish tax advice please feel free to contact us with its description and an indication in which language you would like to be serviced. On this basis we will select the team of professionals to handle your matter.