Company with concession in Poland (license)

Due to the growing interest of foreign investors in licensed activities in Poland we are also offering full support and assistance with the process of obtaining licenses or concessions. We provide our clients with companies that already posses a concession or a license to operate within the restricted industry in Poland as well. Company with license (natural gas trading license, energy trading license, etc) in Poland is a very important asset for foreign investors. Therefore the choice of the best and most professional supplier is the most crucial.

Companies with concessions / licenses in Poland:

  • Company with OPC concession – liquid fuels trading license,
  • Company with OPG concession – natural gas trading license,
  • Company with OEE concession – electricity/energy trading license,
  • Company with license from the International Road Transport
  • Company with license for the International Carriage of Persons
  • Company with shipping license (spedycja)
  • Company licensed for the National Road Transport
  • company with shale gas license in Poland,
  • Company with concession for Production of Electricity,
  • Company with currency trading license in Poland,
  • Company with payment institution SPI or PI authorization in Poland.
  • Company with license to operate casinos in Poland.

Licensed business activity in Poland

According to the Polish Act on Freedom of Economic Activity obtaining a license is required to pursuit economic activities in the following areas:

  • prospecting, exploration of hydrocarbon and solid mineral of mining property, extracting minerals from deposits, underground tank storage of substances and underground storage of waste,
  • the manufacture and trade of explosives, arms and ammunition and technology for military or police purposes,
  • manufacturing, processing, storage, transmission, distribution and trade of fuels and energy.
  • protection of persons and property,
  • distribution of radio and television programs, with the exception of programs that are distributed exclusively in the computer system and are not distributed terrestrial, satellite or cable networks,
  • air transport,
  • casino operation.

In order to operate within the above listed industries a foreign investor needs a company with concession in Poland.

Your company with license in Poland

If you are interested in Polish companies with concessions or licenses please feel free to contact us. We already helped many foreign investors in successful launching of licensed business activity. In 2015 Polish energy trading market or natural gas trading market was booming and those two sectors can become a field of very profitable investment. We will be more than happy to arrange for you the whole process of obtaining a concession/license in Poland and provide you with a company with license in Poland.