To give you a better understanding of our services and what we are capable of we prepared an anonymous list of some of the clients’ cases we were working on:

1. Outsourcing to Poland

One of our clients was interested to transfer some of his company operations to Poland. We recommended the client should open his own company in Poland to handle those operations that were possible to outsource to Poland. We helped in the following way:

  • we established a subsidiary company (we prepared company papers, registered address, capital structure and dealt with the notary and Polish company registry court),
  • we selected, rented and opened the office,
  • we took care of the recruitment and hiring process,
  • after the subsidiary was ready to operate we found an appropriate person to appoint as a director of our client’s Polish branch.

2. Company formation

One of our clients wanted his business to engage more in Poland He needed to open a subsidiary company.

We provided him with our assistance and walked him through the lengthy and complex registration process and Polish government bureaucracy.

3. Trade term negotiations

Another of our client needed to find a Polish business partner to trade with. We did the research and provided the client with the list of potential candidates with a broad and detailed description of each. We also added a candidate credibility assessment. Then we negotiated the deal with some of the companies that were selected by our client. Finally, we designed a draft long term cooperation contract between two parties. The result of our activity was a signed deal and a satisfied client whose trading turnover with Poland was significantly increased.

4. Business partner search

One of our clients – a foreign individual investor – asked us to search for an appropriate business partner for him in Poland. The partner was to be experienced in the client’s industry. We did the complicated research, since the industry was very specialized. Then we presented the result to the client and then jointly selected and contacted one of the candidates. The result of our actions was a signed contract and new company formed.

5. Getting rid of rogue business partner

One of our clients – a foreign company – was previously engaged in doing business in Poland. They had a partnership with local company that was acting to the detriment of the partnership. The biggest problem was that the partnership structure and agreement was designed by a partisan business partner lawyer so it was not easy to regain control over the partnership. Our client asked us to design the way to smoothly get rid of the business partner as he was not satisfied on the existing status quo.

We provided the client with the suggested sequence of actions, prepared all the legal documents and started the process of regaining control of the company on the client’s behalf. The actions resulted in maximum dilution of the rogue business partner in terms of his share in our client’s Polish subsidiary company and the dismissal of the current board (which has been appointed by the business partner).

Now the client has a full control over the company and his assets and has resumed his successful operation in Poland

6. Business intelligence.

One of our clients was planning to enter the Polish market. Thus he asked us to provide a report about his industry and competition. After a diligent research we provided a comprehensive and profound analysis of the client’s industry in Poland. Then based on the report we helped the client with all the formality to establish business in Poland.