Corporate and Business Bank Accounts

With the assistance of Poland Zalewski Consulting you can open a business bank account for both a company registered in the territory of Poland and in other jurisdictions, not only European. Having a corporate bank account and good cooperation with banks are one of the more important aspects of doing business. A very important issue is also the fact that the assets deposited in the bank accounts are safe and that the bank is located in a country with stable political and economic situation. It is also essential to select an appropriate corporate bank account in terms of the conducted business activity.

Corporate bank accounts remotely

In majority of the banks we cooperate with we can arrange remote procedure of business bank account opening. Please contact for more information.

Poland Zalewski Consulting cooperates with most of the banks operating in the territory of Poland. In a large number of banks, it is possible to open multi-currency accounts for foreign companies. We also cooperate with numerous banks whose seats are in other countries (including offshore banks).

Our consultants will give you advice on what bank to choose so that the offered services and products meet the company’s expectations and are suited to the nature of the conducted business operations.

Both in Polish and foreign banks it is possible to maintain multi-currency accounts in the major currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, and other. All banks have online banking, majority of them in English. A large number of banks also have foreign exchange platforms with the possibility to negotiate exchange rates, which is very important in the case of companies doing international business.

We assist in opening business bank accounts both for Polish and foreign companies, including typical offshore jurisdictions, such as Hong Kong, Seychelles, Belize, BVI, etc. We offer comprehensive services, we have direct contacts with bank managers, we will negotiate the best conditions, set up an appointment, help you fill out bank forms, prepare sworn translations of documents as well as apostille/legalisation.
We have great experience in cooperating with banks therefore we will prepare proper application to maximize your chances to get approved by the bank as a client.

Poland Zalewski Consulting cooperates with most of the leading banks in the territory of Poland. We also cooperate with banks located in the territory of Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, St. Vincent, Mauritius, Hungary, Georgia, and other countries. Many of the banks we work with offers the possibility of remote bank account opening, without the need to visit the country, which is a very convenient variant allowing you to save time and money.

We provide the services of opening all types of bank accounts:

Business bank account

Business bank accounts are the ones maintained by the banks in the name of a the business. Any type of company cannot exists without bank accounts. Business bank accounts can be maintained by the banks for various types of entities: limited companies, partnerships or sole proprietorships.

Corporate bank account

Corporate bank accounts are opened for limited companies or public limited companies. Those type of accounts have more requirements and opening process is more formalized. However they can handle biggest turnover that regular business bank accounts.

Offshore bank account

Offshore bank accounts are those run by the banks which are located outside the jurisdiction where the company (account holder) is based in. Such expression is also used to describe personal or business bank accounts maintained by the banks located in tax heaven countries.

Personal bank account

Personal bank accounts are maintained by the banks for individuals. Many businessmen have their personal bank accounts in many banks around the world as this is the way to diversify risk. Personal assets are more secure when deposited in many different banks around the world. It is essential for financial security to allocate ones funds in appropriate banks to avoid unnecessary risk and also get best deposit interests rates.

We encourage you to contact us to get more information.