Commercial Representation

One of the leading activities of PLZ is representation of foreign companies and individual businessmen in Poland. The scope of this activity is very broad. We adjust this service to every client’s needs. We have already acted on behalf of many companies in the Polish market.

Below please find some examples of areas covered by this service.

Business fields: distribution, agency and representative office, importer and exporter relations

For clients from abroad that are looking to expand their business to Poland we can offer official representation in the Polish market. This service can cover the needs of either a company willing to start importing from or exporting to Poland or a foreign franchise that wants to expand to Poland. We offer highly qualified, professional staff and business representatives that have experience in our country.

On behalf of our clients we:

  • build distribution network and client’s brand presence in Poland.
  • search for products suitable for export from Poland to client’s country,
  • search for customers that want to buy products from the client.
  • draft, check test and prepare all business contracts before signing
  • prepare feasibility studies for client products in the Polish market,
  • attend all business meetings,
  • act in all negotiations,
  • represent the client before the authorities (taxation, customs), in all legal procedures and in court,
  • arrange local and international transport and insurance,
  • translate all necessary documents between Polish and client’s language,
  • arrange the delivery of business samples and documents,
  • organize all necessary business supporting actions (PR, marketing, advertising, etc.).

Business fields: investment or subsidiary supervision on client’s behalf

If a client is or wants to engage more in Poland we offer a complete supervision service for the investment.

On behalf of our clients we:

  • audit the existing client’s subsidiary in Poland or form a new one,
  • act on client’s behalf in all the issues concerning the investment or subsidiary,
  • monitor the development of the investment and act quickly on the client’s behalf in case of anomalies,
  • advise on legal and taxation procedures.
  • recruit management and operations staff on behalf of the client,
  • represent the client on subsidiary’s supervisory board,
  • act on behalf of the client calling, hosting and attending the shareholders’ meetings, preparing the shareholders’ meeting minutes, adopting the resolutions as instructed by the client, etc.

Representation is the most wide service in our offering. It covers all the issues that foreign company or businessmen might need to have taken care of. We strongly encourage you to contact us with any business related issue that concerns Poland. We will definitely be willing and able to help you with those matters.

If you are interested in this type of service please feel free to send us a short description of your needs via our contact form.