Banking Relationships

Selection of the right bank is one of the most important choices of a newly established business. Although at the beginning this may only concern choosing the right bank to minimise fees and optimise services provided entrepreneurs will sooner or later need additional services. There is a wide range of offers from banks in Poland The small print provided by the banks is voluminous the choices bewildering and so the decision might be difficult.

Banks in Poland

Banks in Poland vary from state owned through cooperative banks to regular banks. The majority of them offer internet access to the account, some are even internet-only and have no physical branch. Certain banks specialize in private banking while the others provide more regular types of service.

While making a choice the profile of the company must be taken into consideration. Usually entrepreneurs decide to open an account in a regular bank not being aware that some of the cooperative banks (often not as widely advertised) might offer better conditions more suited to their company or industry. Also some types services, which are commonly identified with banks but are not restricted to them, might be as well served by specialized companies. Very often a lot cheaper and better.
Some of the most popular examples of which are:

  • currency exchange,
  • cash in transit/cash processing,
  • cash loans,
  • international and domestic money transfers,
  • payment card issuance,
  • financial forward and futures transactions,
  • purchase and sale of receivables.

At PZC we help our clients with all aspects of their relations with banks:

  • determine the needs of the client,
  • present the solutions offered by the banking industry in Poland,
  • where appropriate we suggest the services of specialized companies,
  • search through banks for the best current offers,
  • present the offers of banks and highlight differences in conditions and fees,
  • negotiate custom arrangements with a bank on behalf of the client.

Properly matched financial services are essential for the success of any business. For example, an import-export company needs the best currency exchange services. Cash processing and cash in transit is important for any retail chain. Getting the best deal for overnight deposits should be a requirement for almost all entities. PZC helps its clients to achieve the best satisfaction and realize maximum value from their economic activity. If you are interested in our support regarding the above mentioned please feel free to contact us.

To learn more about bank accounts in Poland available for businesses and individuals based anywhere in the world please visit „Bank accounts opening” section of our website.