Business Research

Some investors might be attracted to Poland as a developing country with favorable business conditions. They may have noticed many opportunities in Poland for themselves, but might not be sure in what to engage exactly. Some investors come to Poland with the knowledge that the business opportunities are more numerous than their home markets but not knowing where and how to invest. These investors are of various types:

  • the investor has just recently exited from all his previous businesses and is looking for new pastures,
  • the investor might simply no longer wish to continue previous businesses and is willing to start something new in a different country,
  • the investor’s current business might not be feasible in Poland and who is looking to continue in a new direction.

PZC assistance

PZC supports those clients as well. We can prepare the report on the opportunities existing in Poland based on individual needs analysis. The report is created in close cooperation with the client and accompanied by a feasibility study for every investment option that takes into consideration:

  • legal aspects,
  • taxation,
  • market analysis,
  • operations planning,
  • H&R,
  • other issues specific to the given industry.

Local business plan

If requested by the client we can search for domestic business partners in the form of locals who are looking for international partnership and funding. There are many creative entrepreneurs in Poland with interesting and promising business ideas. However they very often do not have enough of their own funds or the international connections to execute the business plan. Therefore a foreign angel is essential. PZC as a local representative of its clients can search through available business plans, shortlist them in accordance to clients expectations and interests and help the client with the choice providing opinions, analysis and review based on local experience and knowledge of the economic and market reality.

If you are willing to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in Poland and need somebody to guide you through and help to assess the numerous investment options we would be more than happy to offer our assistance. With out knowledge and experience you will be able to explore all business opportunities in Poland. Please feel free to contact us any time.