Negotiation itself is always a demanding task even between parties from the same country. The issue complicates even more when there is a need to reach cross-cultural agreement. There are several barriers that might come in the way of foreign company negotiations with Polish counterpart.

Negotiation obstacles in Poland

  • language barrier,
  • cultural differences,
  • lack of trust and suspiciousness towards foreigners,
  • communication problems,
  • time and money consuming long-lasting negotiations.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned difficulties we support our clients in any negotiation process they are involved with in Poland. There are many positive aspects of having a local representative during negotiations in Poland.

Advantages for our clients

  • lack of language barrier,

We speak the same language as the client and as its business partner in negotiations.

  • no cultural differences,

Since we have in our team internationally experienced people we are a bridge between our clients and their Polish business partners (suppliers, buyers, distributors, etc.).

  • full advisory and consultation for the client,

Not only do we represent the client in the negotiation process but we also advise on the topic of negotiations and suggest solutions to possible problems and predict difficulties.

  • greater bargaining power,

Many times it is easier to conduct negotiations through a representative. He can always use an excuse of not having the authority to agree on certain issues.

  • no communication problems,

We are located in the same time zone and it is easy to stay in touch with another party.

  • costs saving,

There are lower travel costs for a representative to attend meetings within Poland than for a client to travel multiple times from abroad.

  • time saving,

The amount of time the client must devote to the negotiation process is reduced to minimum.

  • possibility for a client to stay anonymous if necessary.

Certain conditions may cause a need for a client to stay anonymous to the negotiation party, whether for better bargaining or other reasons.

PZC supports its clients in all forms of cross culture exchange of business information: consultation, communication, discussion, exchange views, reaching a consensus, and formal negotiations. If you are interested in this service please feel free to contact us.