Crypto/VASP license in Poland (European Union)

Poland introduced new regulation concerning crypto business licensing at the end of 2021.

We provide the fastest crypto license in Poland. Unlike Estonia, Lithuania or Malta, in Poland there is no tiring requirements.

We would like to offer you full service of obtaining crypto license in Poland covering the following business activities:

  • A. Exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat.
  • B. Exchange between cryptocurrencies themselves.
  • C. Brokerage in the exchange mentioned in letter A and B.
  • D. Maintenance of crypto wallets and payment accounts necessary to perform activities mentioned in letter A and B.
  • Advantages of crypto/VASP license in Poland:

    1. No minimum capital requirements.
    2. Procedure takes approximately 15 days.
    3. Only requirement is for a director to declare: min. 1 year experience in crypto industry and lack of criminal record.
    4. No need for local director or local AML officer.
    5. No physical office requirements.
    6. Only one short visit is sufficient. There is also possibility for the whole process of obtaining crypto license in Poland remotely.

    Our cryptocurrency trade license in Poland package includes:

    1. New or ready made company.
    2. Full management of licensing process.

    Additional services provided:

    1. Assistance in opening bank accounts in local banks.
    2. Assistance in opening bank accounts in foreign banks and EMIs (FIAT gateways).
    3. Aged ready made company (we have companies on stock as old as 1998).

    Ready made company with crypto/VASP license in Poland

    We also have on stock ready made companies with crypto licenses if you wish to start your business even faster!

    If you are interested please contact as via email, WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram.