Investments in Poland – Invest in Poland

Because Poland is a stable and fast developing country it attracts many foreign investments which as everywhere else in the world take different forms. To learn why foreign companies decide on investments in Poland please go to „Why Poland?” section of our website. We provide all necessary supportive services enable our clients to invest in Poland successfully.

PZC supports foreign companies willing to invest in Poland in both forms:

FDI – foreign direct investment in Poland.

The foreign investor has total freedom of choice on how to enter the Polish market. It can be done either through the establishment of a subsidiary company in Poland or through acquisition of an existing firm as there are many small and medium sized (often family run) enterprises that can be taken over. If the subject of the investment is real estate (property investment) it can be done directly or through the establishment of a holding (SPV) company.

  • establishment of client’s own business entity in Poland,

In this option we support the client with company formation and registration, we deal with all the formalities and red tape, search for client’s company location: offices, warehouses, production buildings.

  • finding appropriate acquisition target for a Client,

We assist the client on every stage of the acquisition process: before (search for and negotiations with a candidate), during (deal’s execution) and after (restructuring and integration).

For more information on mergers and acquisitions in Poland see „M&A” section of our website.

FPI – foreign portfolio investment in Poland.

According to the nature of the investment we can assist in all the steps that are necessary to organize a portfolio investment in Poland. We can prepare the report and present the list of potential investment targets for the client with analysis to determine whether they are in line with client’s current investing scheme and criteria. We can advise on appropriate stock broker choice and represent the client accordingly. We also offer representation on all shareholders’ meetings and assemblies. If required by the client FPIs can be done through a special purpose vehicle which we can establish and supervise on the client’s behalf.

Our assistance in investment in Poland

We offer comprehensive business consulting services in Poland starting with business plan analysis in terms of Polish economic realty, through appropriate location search, company formation and registration or if necessary acquisition execution, accounting and bookkeeping, HR and payroll and ongoing business maintenance services: corporate secretarial services, investment supervision and monitoring on the client’s behalf.

For more information see other services’ descriptions on our website.

If you wish to invest in Poland and want to learn more about our services supporting foreign investment in Poland please feel free to contact us with your query anytime.