Mergers & Acquisitions

Very often foreign investors have an intention to enter the Polish market, however they do not want to start the business from the beginning. This situation may be caused by the need to enter a market rapidly to outperform the competition or by the pressure of the industry peers already present in Poland. Sometimes the reason might be the specificity of the industry that requires immediate need of experienced people (HR driven takeover). In those cases we advise our clients to ease their way into the Polish market through Mergers & Acquisitions. We support all the phases of a transaction: before, during and after.

PZC offers a complex M&A assistance in Poland


  1. Before: search for a candidate:
    • determining the needs of the client,
    • drafting a desired target profile,
    • obtaining profile’s acceptance by the client,
    • careful research and scanning the whole market for the best matches,
    • shortlisting the candidates and preparing an initial research report,
    • refining the search in cooperation with the client,
    • deciding to focus on one or a few targets,
    • further detailed research (i.e. obtaining possible insider information),
    • designing the possible ways to acquire targets,
    • discovering and defining pre-existing tax and legal risks.
  2. During: deal’s execution:
    • establishing contact and examining target’s (shareholder and management) attitudes towards the possible takeover,
    • due diligence process,
    • negotiating the financial and non-financial conditions of the deal,
    • executing the transaction,
    • dealing with all the formalities required by the law.
  3. After: restructuring and integration:
    • supporting the client with possible restructuring scenarios,
    • assisting the client with any possible reorganization, relocation and capital injection into acquired company,
    • if requested by a client carrying out the integration.
    • further maintenance support,
    • constant audit and supervision of the acquired company’s performance.

In order to learn more about the opportunities in Poland please go to „Why Poland?” section of our website.

PZC’s assistance enables our clients to maximize the return on the transaction. Our diligent analysis of the market situation and candidate’s financial condition saves the client’s time and provides with final decision easing report. Complexity of those types of transactions is a challenge even for the most experienced foreign companies and businessmen. Thus professional and experienced support is a prerequisite for effective acquisition making. If you are interested in extending your business to Poland by acquisition please feel free to contact us with a brief description of your needs.