Legal advisory

Through the years, we have acquired extensive experience and expertise in the field of Polish law, in particular those relating to a wide range of economic activities even though none of our managing team are legal counsels or attorneys.

Our experience in legal issues

This means that for most circumstances our knowledge and experience is enough for the clients to do business in Poland. However in the course of providing business consulting services of a very complex nature we can get advice from a selected range of independent and reputable law firms we cooperate with.

We are diligent and cautious. Always when:

  • we have doubts about the interpretation of the law in a particular situation,
  • the nature of a client’s issue in our opinion because of its complexity warrants specific legal advice.
  • our client requests extra diligence,

we are able to engage a professional lawyer who specializes in the particular field of law so that our clients can have confidence that their case is handled by an expert in a given area of law.

Law in Poland

It should be noted that in Poland as in some other post-communist countries there is a tendency towards rigorous control of all spheres of civic activity, in particular those related to economic activity. Polish legislators believe that by multiplying the number of rules the desired goal of controlling business operations in the interest of the state and society will be obtained. Meanwhile, the effect is that there are so many laws that the average entrepreneur has enormous difficulty to discern them all. Some of them are contradictory.

Without the support of professional advisors an average entrepreneur may not be aware of how many times he has acted without accordance to the rules. Furthermore violations may result in lesser or more severe penalties.

Codification web difficult to interpret even for lawyers

In the maze of regulations Polish lawyers, those who try to embrace all areas of law, themselves often get lost. The amount of regulation has resulted in a narrowing of specialization among law firms. The knowledge of specialized legal counsel in a given area of law can be essential. Our company has the necessary understanding of these matters.

Moreover the increasingly easy access to advisory professions in Poland results in many poorly experienced and knowledge lacking “consultants” offering their services which can misguide foreign companies and individual businessmen. This might cause great damage to the business in the long term.

Advantages for our clients

Taking into consideration the complexity of the law and presence of poorly qualified and inexperienced advisors it is essential for the client to have all the issues that require legal analysis supervised by a professional consulting firm that is familiar with the reality in Poland, cooperates with reputable lawyers and knows how to find specialists in certain fields.

Usually we cooperate with lawyers from Cracow and Warsaw but we can organize legal advisory services in small cities and towns. If necessary we can organize the work of a team of cooperating lawyers if the scope of the matter requires it. In case of emergency we can organize legal service evening or night hours or during holidays.

If you have any problem requiring legal advice please feel free to contact us with a short description and indicate the language in which you would like to be served. On this basis we will select and supervise the team of professionals to handle your matter.