Clients’ benefits


In consulting industry confidentiality is mandatory . All of our Clients trust us with their classified information. We pay strict and zealous attention to delicate matters. Many cases seeing our input have involved very private and sensitive issues. We are trustworthy and discreet, never losing our clients’ certitude. .

If the nature of the issue requires secure communication between us and the Client we are able to implement encrypted voice/text/data exchange channels.


Clients can be certain of our competence. Our team has competencies in all of the essential business disciplines and our people are all professionals with experience in Poland. We are experts in:

  • Company formation in Poland.
  • Foreign investor representation in Poland
  • Accounting in Poland
  • Law and taxation in Poland.
  • Contract and trade terms negotiations in Poland.
  • M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) in Poland.
  • Outsourcing / Offshoring to Poland.
  • Real estate in Poland.
  • Bankruptcy law and procedures in Poland.
  • General consulting about Poland.

Hence whatever need there is, we can definitely meet it.

Fast reaction time

Not infrequently taking rapid and appropriate actions is essential for success when doing business in Poland. To this end we offer rapid reaction time on urgent matters.

24/7/365 availability

Many times when doing business there is a need to work long hours and interfere, mediate, negotiate or intervene at difficult and antisocial times The expediency of our client’s needs overrides, the clock, the weekend and even public holidays. We are more than happy to offer our total availability.