Core values

Client Commitment

Placing the client first is a hallmark of professionalism. Our team is devoted to the success of our clients.


We provide tailor made solutions for everybody who is using our services.
When it comes to consulting and advising our clients in response to whatever needs they might have concerning their business in Poland we always adjust our approach to the specific case.
Unlike the other multinational consulting companies we also adjust the fees for our assistance not only to complexity of the issues managed but also to the client’s business size and its level of development. Thus we are open for everybody – from small and medium sized businesses to large corporations and strongly encourage everybody interested in doing business in Poland or having problems with it to contact us.

Identification with Client and its stake

One of the most important characteristics of our services is a close relationship with the client. We base it on a complete identification with the client and its stake. We are perfectly aware of the fact that our advice and actions may have far reaching consequences for the client’s business thus we treat the stake as our own. This is based on openness, pure human behavior and emotions: on the one hand we rejoice when we discover opportunities for the Client. On the other hand we worry when we detect a threat to the Client’s business and we immediately move to find a solutions to these challenges. We believe that this is one of the most important factors that contribute to our success in consulting.

Client Value Creation

We believe that our work matters so its output must be effective in bringing value for the client. When working on outsourcing projects we always focus on providing the Client with valuable input to his business. Analyzing all the issues and coming up with the solutions is always directed towards creating value. Every service offered by us meets this requirement.


We take full responsibility for the output of our work. We strongly believe in integrity as our value. We are honest, trustworthy and always accountable for our actions. We meet the deadlines and keep our word. When we say we will do something we always do it. We always tell the truth, no matter how unpopular it might be or how sometimes hard to accept it is.

Best People

Our team is composed of the best business experienced professionals in Poland. Our full time members of the team have broad knowledge of the local business environment, legal issues (including ex. company law), investments, M&A and accounting. We believe that professional service can be delivered only by appropriate people. Although our team is capable of dealing with the great majority of issues, sometimes in more complex or special projects we select the best collaborators from any needed industry necessary for the benefit of the client.


We strive to be objective when working on every case. This is one of our fundamental principles. Sometimes the situation requires criticism of the client’s current or previous actions. We never hesitate to express the truth based on our objectivity and experience. However this does not mean that we do not fiercely take the side of our clients.


Every single issue matters which is why hard work, detail and diligence is our discipline . We apply a detail oriented attitude without exception. All the issues that need to be solved are treated with due diligence.