Red tape slows down employee acquisition

Currently, more than 40% of big companies in Poland employ foreign workforce. Employees from other countries, mainly Ukraine and other non-EU states, have been present here for a long time and constitute a substantial part of the labour market. Many businesses, especially those in the construction, manufacturing and agriculture sectors, rely heavily on workers from the East of Europe.Today, it is not uncommon for Polish companies to search for new employees in such countries as Nepal or Turk Read more

Higher minimum salary in 2020

Each year, the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy presents its proposal with regard to changing the statutory minimum salary. Minimum salary, which applies both to people working full time and those employed on the basis of contracts of mandate who calculate wages by hour, is stipulated in provisions of a special resolution of the Council of the Ministers which is adopted every year.Minister Elżbieta Rafalska has recently announced her office’s suggestion with regard to the mini Read more

Officials will warn you against VAT fraud

Tax authorities want to help Polish entrepreneurs protect themselves against fraudsters. As it turns out, it is not very difficult to unwillingly become a participant to the so-called VAT carousel, an elaborate scheme designed to illegally obtain government money in the form of value added tax refunds. The officials will send out letters to those businesses who are at risk of becoming victims. A VAT carousel, known also as a missing trader fraud, happens when a business reclaims a tax r Read more

Entrepreneur’s text – yes or no?

A few weeks ago, the Ministry of Finance presented a novel idea for securing budget revenue from taxation on businesses. Ministry experts want to verify whether Polish sole proprietorships qualify for this status. The so-called “entrepreneur’s test” (or a test for being considered an entrepreneur), gained a lot of attention in the media and mixed reactions. After backlash from the business sector, the government announced the work on this concept had been halted. The test (and the Read more

First electronic money licence in Poland

Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), the body supervising the Polish financial market, granted first-ever licence for issuing electronic money in Poland. The licence was approved for Polish-British company called Billon Solutions. The entity has also been permitted to provide payment services using electronic money. This is a noteworthy moment in the history of Poland’s financial markets. In a press release, KNF stressed that the institution supports innovative financial services an Read more

Ministry want to reduce labour costs

Teresa Czerwińska, Poland’s Minister of Finance, announced new government plans aiming to bring labour costs down. This is to be done by an array of changes to Personal Income Tax regulations. The ones who will benefit the most are young Poles and people with low to moderate income. The changes will affect employees who are taxed on tax scale as well as entrepreneurs who operate as sole proprietorships and pay PIT tax instead of CIT tax. The basic Personal Income Tax rate will be low Read more
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