New tax obligation for Polish companies: JPK_VAT

January 2018 was the first month for which all Polish companies present in the VAT register had to meet a new fiscal obligation introduced by the Ministry of Finance. Enterprises in Poland that are registered for VAT have to submit the so-called JPK_VAT file which gives information on the sale and purchase transaction a given company carried out in a given month. The document is prepared electronically and submitted online. According to the recent information from the Ministry, a majority of Polish companies (approximately 95 percent) has managed to comply with the obligation on time. The remaining 100 000 business entities, if they do not correct themselves, will face penalties.


Even though the new law has been in force for some time, until recently it has only applied to big, medium, and small enterprises (i.e. those employing more than 9 people). Today, the obligation also concerns microentrepreneurs and those who are self-employed. Most companies in Poland fall into this category. Moreover, micro businesses are not under obligation to keep accounting books and often have no accountant to take care of the new duty for them. Officials were anxious business owners in Poland may have difficulties in preparing and submitting the JPK_VAT file.


National Fiscal Administration together with the Ministry of Finance prepared a media campaign to notify business owners in Poland about the new regulations. Tax offices and dedicated helplines in Poland in January were opened late to answer any question related to JPK_VAT taxpayers may have. Assistance of JPK_VAT experts is still available. People who realise they have made a mistake in their document may send in a corrected version.


VAT taxpayers are under obligation to submit the JPK files by the 25th day of the month following a given reporting period. Fiscal authorities will use the collected data to track and target dishonest taxpayers, and as a result conduct fewer tax inquiries but with higher probability of finding offences.



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