Poland lowers corporate income tax for small enterprises

This week the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, signed a bill that lowers the corporate income tax for small enterprises registered in Poland. This is the final step of the legislation process and soon the new provisions will come into effect. The CIT rate in Poland will go down from 15 to 9 percent.


The lowered rate will apply to businesses that according to current regulations are classified as small companies, i.e. enterprises whose revenue does not exceed 1.2 million EUR in a tax year (or equivalent in different currency) and employ no more than 50 people. However, as a lot of small companies in Poland are subject to Personal Income Tax rather than Corporate Income Tax, lowered tax rate will only apply to around 440 thousand businesses: limited liability companies, joint stock companies and limited joint-stock partnerships. Moreover, the Ministry of Finance decided to tighten the conditions that need to be met to use the lower tax rate.


That is not all when it comes to changes in CIT in Poland. When the new provisions come into effect, capital groups will be freed from the obligation to publish information on group’s registration in Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy [Court and Commercial Gazette]. Moreover, the lawmakers extended the catalogue of entities whose revenue is not considered capital gains revenue.


The Ministry also decided to introduce changes to the act on Personal Income Tax. The most important of them concerns amortisation of cars. The threshold of amortisation write-offs treated as tax deductible expenses will be increased from 20 thousand EUR to 150 thousand PLN for non-electric cars and 225 thousand PLN for electric cars.


According to Ministry experts, the changes are going to make fiscal law provisions more transparent, easy to follow and taxpayer-friendly. The new act will come into effect on 1 January 2019.



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