PKO BP Aims to Lead Government’s New Housing Program

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Polish Housing Program

In a bid to become the market leader in the government’s upcoming housing program, PKO Bank Polski (PKO BP) is gearing up to offer safe loans starting in July. The Vice-President of PKO BP, Dariusz Szwed, expressed the bank’s ambition to secure the top position due to its status as the largest bank in Poland. With the program set to commence on July 3, PKO BP is prepared to provide immediate support to potential borrowers.

General Instructions for Housing Program:

The initiative stems from the recently passed Act on State Aid in Saving for Housing purposes, which gained approval from the Sejm in mid-April. The legislation introduces the concept of a safe 2% loan and a housing account while also allowing for the indexation of subsidies for rent under the “Mieszkanie na start” program.

According to the provisions of the Act, individuals up to the age of 45 will be eligible for the safe loan, with at least one member of a household meeting the age requirement if the loan is granted to both individuals. Minister of Development and Technology, Waldemar Buda, who is responsible for overseeing the program, confirmed its effective date during an interview with Radio Zet.

PKO BP’s Vice-President, Dariusz Szwed, emphasized the bank’s readiness to offer loans immediately after the Act comes into force. He anticipated a high level of initial interest, suggesting that PKO BP may play a significant role in meeting the demand. Szwed’s confidence is founded on PKO BP’s robust market position and its commitment to supporting the government’s housing program.

Minister Buda estimated that approximately 15,000 people would benefit from the program this year, though he did not rule out the possibility of the number being even higher. The Act represents a significant opportunity for individuals seeking to save for their own homes, as the government aims to provide substantial support to facilitate homeownership.

As the government’s housing program prepares to launch in July, PKO BP stands at the forefront, aspiring to be the leading financial institution in this endeavor. With its extensive experience and resources, the bank aims to help fulfill the dreams of prospective homeowners across Poland.

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