Warsaw School of Economics Will Teach About Cryptocurrencies

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Warsaw School of Economics, one of the most prestigious schools of higher education in Poland and the top business and economics teaching institutions announced their plans to launch a new type of postgraduate studies. You may be surprised to learn that the school, in cooperation will several other Polish educational facilities, will teach on the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Warsaw School of Economics hopes the course will attract people employed in finance, banking and related fields, as well as all those interested in new technologies and modern payment solutions. Students will be offered 194 hours of classes. The curriculum covers such areas as the cryptocurrency market, blockchain technology in practice, bitcoin payment system, cryptography, finance and law. The whole course gives its participants 84 ECTS points.

Course creators say the students will graduate with the basic knowledge of legal terms, certain aspects of civil, penal and administrative law related to trade in cryptocurrencies, understand the process of transaction settlements with the use of financial instruments, understand how Bitcoin works, identify and assess the risk involved in investing in cryptocurrencies, issue their own cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology, make and review BTC transfers.

The postgraduate studies will last two terms. The classes are scheduled to start on 27 October 2018. Recruitment is currently underway. Candidates willing to sign-in are required to have an undergraduate diploma. The tuition fee is 7,600 PLN, paid in two tranches.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital or virtual currencies, the most widely known of which is Bitcoin, created in 2009. Cryptocurrency transactions are carried out outside the traditional banking system and thus offer greater anonymity. Blockchain is a technology used for recording and verifying Bitcoin transactions.

There are currently over 3 million cryptocurrency users in the world. In 2017, the price of Bitcoin surpassed the value of gold. Bitcoin payments are accepted by numerous business entities and institutions, e.g. the Mozilla Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation and Greenpeace.

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