Polish embassy bombarded with visa applications

Low unemployment rates are slowly starting to cause problems for numerous Polish business owners. Shortages of professionals and skilled workers are becoming more and more apparent. Even when it comes to unskilled workers, vacancies are becoming harder and harder to fill. Employers in order to keep their businesses going need to take extra measures. In recent times, their eyes have turned to the east of Europe and beyond. Seeking labour force in foreign countries is becoming more and more common.


There are numerous companies in Poland who want to employ Indian, Bangladeshi or Nepalese workforce. As a result, Polish Embassy in New Delhi reports huge waiting times for visa applications. Prospective workers, for whom work permits have already been issued, need to wait several months before they obtain their visas. The embassy in New Delhi takes care of not only Indian residents, but also those from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Bhutan, while having only four staff members themselves.


The interest in visas to Poland is so big that servers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stopped working. The embassy in New Delhi have issued over three thousand visas since January, but this is a far cry from the demand. In 2017 alone, over 20 thousand people from Asia received permits for working in Poland. Still, Polish government officials present a strict stance against opening doors to economic migrants from other countries. Even though Polish people are used to seeing citizens of the neighbouring Ukraine in the labour market, the majority of Poles do not approve of inviting workers from far away countries to live here.


According to the reports of Central Statistical Office (GUS), in the last 12 months the number of job vacancies grew by 35 percent. Employee shortages are visible especially in industrial processing and construction. The official unemployment rate in Poland is currently 5.9 percent.



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