Donating 1.5% of Tax to Public Benefit Organizations in Poland

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Organizations in Poland

Polish taxpayers now have the option to donate 1.5% of their tax to (PBOs) Public Benefit Organization in Poland, instead of just 1%. This change was introduced in 2022 as part of the Polish Order. Donating 1.5% costs nothing and does not burden taxpayers in any way, but it provides crucial financial support to PBOs.

The Legal Framework for Public Benefit Organizations in Poland:

In legal terms, 1.5% of tax is funds that belong to the tax office. If this amount is not transferred to a PBO, taxpayers will have to give it back anyway, and the tax office will receive it. By donating 1.5% of their tax to PBOs during PIT (Personal Income Tax) settlement, taxpayers are not losing anything, but rather sharing the money that would have gone to the tax office.

It is important to note that the transfer of 1.5% of tax is not considered a donation and cannot be deducted from income. However, it greatly benefits PBOs and supports their activities.

Donating 1.5% of the tax to Public Benefit Organizations in Poland is easy and can be done regardless of the method of settlement with the tax office. Taxpayers can perform this action manually by entering the number of PBOs (Public Benefit Organizations in Poland) in the National Court Register and the amount to be transferred in the appropriate PIT field. Alternatively, they can use a free tool such as the PIT program or the e-service Your e-PIT.

In summary, donating 1.5% of the tax to PBOs in Poland is a simple and effective way to support important causes without any additional burden on taxpayers.

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