The Minimum Wages in 2024 Will be Higher Than Planned

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The Polish government has decided what the minimum wages will be in 2024. According to the regulation, from January 2022, the “lowest national” will increase by PLN 210 gross and equal to PLN 3010 gross. From January, the tax changes provided for in the “Polish Deal” program will also come into force, and more money will be left in the pockets of the least-earning Poles than initially assumed.

The minimum hourly rate from January 2024 will be PLN 19.70 gross. But there are also changes in minimum wages and salaries for those with a higher salary. All thanks to the introduction of the “Polish Deal.”

Updates on Minimum Wages in 2024:

The increase in salary to PLN 3010 gross means that the employee will get around PLN 2210 according to the current rules. However, if we calculate the remuneration and consider tax changes as part of the “Polish Order,” the minimum net salary will amount to over PLN 2,363.56.

– Increasing the minimum wages for work will have a positive impact on the financial situation of households, increasing the incomes of employees requiring special protection, especially during a pandemic – said Marlena Maląg, Minister of Family and Social Policy.

Among others, the following changes are proposed by Law and Justice:

– Increasing the tax-free amount to PLN 30,000;
– The threshold is to be increased to 120 thousand PLN, beyond which you will have to pay 32% tax (currently 32% of the tax is paid after exceeding the income in the amount of PLN 85 528);
– Eliminating the possibility of deducting the health insurance contribution from the tax;
– Introduction of the so-called allowances for the middle class (people whose gross annual salary ranges from PLN 68.6 thousand to PLN 133.6 thousand)

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