The Value of PPK Assets Growing Fast

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PPK Assets

The assets in the Employee Capital Plans (PPK Assets) are growing at a rapid pace after a period of decline. The improvement in the market comes just as the automatic re-enrollment of employees in the program has started.

The past year was hard for those saving in programs such as PPK due to various global economic factors, including the war in Ukraine and high inflation, which negatively impacted the value of their savings.

The Value of PPK Assets:

However, the value of PPK assets has been growing quickly in recent times and has now surpassed 13 billion, with 2.55 million participants, an increase of nearly 400,000 from the previous year.

The Vice-President of the Polish Development Fund says that PPK is still making up for losses, but with the help of company and government subsidies, participants have on average 100% more money than what they personally contributed.

The expert at HRK Payroll Consulting believes that the growth rate of PPK assets will depend on the number of new participants, who will be automatically enrolled in the program starting April 1.

The Vice-President of PFR warns against getting too emotional about the ups and downs of the market, as it’s important to focus on long-term saving. He encourages people to save, even if they decide not to participate in PPK, as building capital in any form is important for retirement.

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